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Nuturna Diabetic Support Supplement

If you have diabetes and not having enough vitamin and minerals by eating natural way you might need a bit extra boost. We need all vitamins and minerals equal amounts in our daily diet. Diateic people need extra care about their life style.

This products is %100 natural and helps you to have a healthy life. It also contains antioxidants as immun booster. Vanadium,calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, copper and manganese as minerals; vitamin D, thiamine, riboflvin,niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine hcl, biotin, folic acid, B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and VItamin E as vitamins; also Alpha lipoic acid as wel as Gymnema leaf powder, Green tea leaf powder, Banaba leaf powder, Bitter melon fruit powder, Turmeric root powder and Beta glucan.

It is easy to swallow and helps you about blood glukose level, insulin sensivity and glukose tolerance.



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Free App for Diabetes

Diabetes (Symptoms & Solution)

Size: 3.2MB
Version: 1.2016
Developed By: Arpana Singh

This is a Free Download App from Amazon for Diabetes Type 2 and It helps you to track your Diabetes records day by. You can see how you are during the day before or after meal. This App needs permission to access your network socket. You can set up your personnel details comments with using data and time. It is very easy to use. You can get some suggestions as well.

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Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap, Spring Water

Price is $17.58 & FREE Shipping

It is very important to look after your skin. Feet are very important as whole body skin to keep away from all kind of bacterial infections. Everyday skin care includes washing all your body with antibacterial soap gives your skin extra boost. Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap gives you:


  • All day freshness
  • Long-lasting deodorant protection

If you think this is the solution for your skin here is the Link for you to have a look.


Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit

From Amazon  Price is $39.99 & Free Shipping

Easy Touch Meter with Blood Glucose Test Strips, OWell Lancets 30g, Lancing Device and Owners Manual with Carry Case.

  • FAST & ACCURATE RESULTS: CLIA Certified Accuracy, Fast 5-second test time & small 0.5 µL blood sample.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE TO USE: Works right out of the box. Easy and simple diabetic monitor to test with alternate site testing, no coding required, 4 alarm settings with saved glucose level tests with time, date, and 7, 14, & 30 day averaging.
  • FRESH & LONG EXPIRATION DATE: 12-24 Months Expiration Date Guaranteed.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This product is backed by an 18 month Warranty on ALL components (provided exclusively by OTC Outlet).

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What do we know about calories are hidden in drinks

strawberry-drinkWe always forget how many calories are hidden in our drinks. You should watch your drinks as your foods if you are a diabetic person.ADA recommendations for all diabetics fasting blood glucose levels in between 4.5–7.2 mmol/L and   2 hours after meals  should be less than 10.0 mmol/L. Drinks can be surprising source of sugar and hidden calories for you. Let’s think before drinking and try to sneak a peak for hidden calories in some beverages.What do you drink when you wake up?


  A big glass of Strawberry Milkshake might be your choice than you get about 500 calories in one go.It has 21 gram carbohydrate plus 24 gram fat..  If you pick 6 middle sized fresh strawberry and add 100 ml non fat milk and add some water on the top you reduced your intake to 61 calories which is a huge change in your healthy diet.

A glass of Orange Juice is best for yo than think about twice because it contains 112 calories.

A glass of Cola is the best you think than you have 136 calories from your 100 ml cola..

A cup of Hot Chocolate is your dream so you get 80 calories from 100 ml of your chocolate but you also get extra fat and protein too. If you pick non fat milk and sweetener type you can reduce all dangerous intakes and you only get 36 calories.

A cup of Late 260 calories but if you add cream it goes up to 400 calories.


Try to drink more water instead of calorie contain drinks.A glass of water is pure and fresh starting for all of us. Contains 0 calorie. If you add 50ml lemon juice you only get 13 calories. You can add some sweeteners and drink it as home made lemonade.

A cup of tea is the best for you so just tea it self is OK..Adding full fat milk gives you about 30 calories if you add 1 tea spoon of sugar you can get extra 20 calories more( 4gram sugar gives you 20 calories).

As we see most of the drinks have hidden calories.



Try to pick more natural drinks or make your own for a better blood glucose level..

4 things to know about your diabetes


4 things to know about your diabetes

When you find out your Diabetes you feel upset or overwhelmed.
You shouldn’t give up in the first minute.
If you search you can see hear or read about your problem.
You are not alone and you will not be the last person in the world who has diabetes.

It is time to look at you. Instead of giving up or deny start to take an action.
You might ask these questions million times like;
How can I survive?
What is the best for me?
Will I get all this side effects soon?
Am I too fat or thin?
How can I manage with all my problems? Etc.
You are more lucky then most of the other people in the world.
Fistful you know you have diabetes. Second you can get enough help.
Third you are strong enough to fight.

These are 4 important steps you should take:

1- Learn as much as possible about Diabetes.
2- Try to understand how to protect yourself from side effects.
3- Learn how to deal with your own problems related to Diabetes.
4- Change your life style and keep it simple.

These are 4 important things are about your Diabetes:


1- Everyone is unique so your treatment is just for you not to others.

Listen to your health professionals and follow their instructions for your own unique treatment.

2-Life style changing and better monitoring your health will give you a better life than others

3- Side effects are common but with a good monitoring your diabetes you might not have all side effects or you even don’t have any side effects at all.

4- There are new treatments all the time so don’t lose your hope for being well.