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Zuhre Parry Dietician

This website was created by an Diabetic Educator who has worked in the medical field many years looking at diabetes issues and working to help people with diabetes as much as possible

Diabetes is a world wide disease. According to the International Diabetes Federation more than 371 million people are affected by diabetes. If we think 552 million people are expected to have diabetes by 2030 we can see this disease is becoming more and more important.

Unfortunately a lot of diabetes patients have no idea they are already affected. Some of them know they have diabetes but they do not know enough about its consequences and management.

Anyone at any age can get diabetes but changing life style, using the right  medication, doing the correct exercises etc can help you to control it. When you learn your problem you have to start afresh and adjust everything in your life to beat your diabetes. If diagnosed at an early stage you can protect your pancreas with a healthy life style and avoid the need to use lots of pills or insulin injections.

If you think you could be suffering with diabetes or know you have diabetes and want to find out more, you shouldn’t act on any advice you find here or elsewhere on the Internet with your consulting with your Doctor or health physician first.

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