Diabetes and Renal Disease ( Nephropathy)

how kidney works

Renal disease (also well  known as diabetic nephropathy) is a microvascular complication caused by diabetes. According to research, 40% of diabetic people will develop nephropathy at some stage. Individuals who have either Type 1 or Type 2  diabetes are at greater risk  if they have high blood glucose  and high blood pressure problems for more then 10 years. By maintaining long-term blood glucose and blood pressure levels to within acceptable ranges onecan decrease risk of nephropathy.

kidney failure stages

What is the causes of diabetic nephropathy? Kidneys have very thin and fragile blood vessels which are responsible for filtering waste from your blood. Glucose is a relatively large molecule compared with these blood vessels and high levels of glucose can damage them. Other health issues such as high cholesterol and blood pressure problems,  then you have will cause further damage to your vessels. If you  smoke or drink to excess then the risk is increases further.

To protect your kidneys from renal disease a change in life style is needed. First control your blood glucose and blood pressure levels, and then stop smoking or drinking immediately.


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