Diabetes and Hair Loss

Diabetes and hair lossIt is already a known fact that people suffering from diabetes suffer thinning of the hair and even hair loss, due to the hormonal disorder that diabetes can create. When this happens to you, you need to consult with the doctor to avoid other future complications.

One of the contributory causes of this disease is the stress factor that leads to anxiety, also contributing to hair loss.

Diabetes occurs the moment your body is not able to process carbohydrates properly and as diabetes progresses other symptoms appear, such as skin diseases and slower process of healing the wounds.

Over time, the hair loss symptoms already present due to diabetes, inhibit the process of hair re-growth. The scalp can become infected with fungal infections due to the loss of body resistance to fight against disease. A healthy person is known to lose around 100 strands of hair per day, but with diabetes, a patient can lose more than this in alarming rates. Therefore it is highly recommended for you to seek medical help before you reach massive hair loss.

Another fact related to hair when suffering from diabetes is the slow process of hair growth. It happens as a result of stress and maybe due to side effects caused by your medication. This is dependent of course on each person’s body system, since not everyone reacts in the same way with other patient.

Hair growth is prevented in people suffering from chronic diabetes, when stressful situations are present leading to a “double wammy”. For many people though,  the hair follicles go into a resting period and eventually are replaced with new hair growth after a period of 8 months.

When dealing with the problem of haor loss it is necessary to cure the root which in this case comes from presenting diabetes. When the disease is successfully treated, then the hair starts regenerating, according to the American Diabetes Association study.

This study was carried out  on two groups of test subjects with both of these groups consisting of people being afflicted with diabetes or showing symptoms of pre-diabetes. With the first group, they were given instructions on following exercise routine, while the other group was recommended a dietary plan to stick to.

Both of these groups showed signs of diminishing the risks of diabetes to the minimum level. It seems that the group who successfully followed the exercise routine lost weight, but also their blood sugar level was reduced to its normal level. The result indicates that weight loss can affect one’s body in various positive ways. Those patients suffering from diabetes and undergoing the exercise routine have managed to undo the harm that was created over the cells that are responsible with insulin production.

But all in all, exercising has a lot of other benefits other than treating the diabetes and the hair loss, so it is good to practice it for a healthy lifestyle, regardless if you have diabetes or not.

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