Diabetes during Pregnancy

Suffering from gestational diabetes symptoms, many women would want to know the answers for questions that bother them in this matter:

  • What is this type of diabetes?
  • What triggers its manifestation in the female body?
  • Is does disorder impact on tbaby’s health?
  • How can one control this condition?

The following will try to answer these questions while describing also a way to keep this under control for pregnancy period and have as well a proper diet. Gestational diabetes is defined as a metabolic disorder appearing while women are in the later stages of pregnancy.

While manifesting this disorder, pregnant women should know that it is very important to control it especially for their unborn baby’s health. If not, this disease can lead to devastating consequences for both baby and mother. Starting a gestational diabetes diet counts among the most essential components in the care shown towards this condition.

During pregnancy the body is more prone to suffer from various complications due to the fact that it is more sensitive and GDM – Gestational Diabetes – counts among these complications. It is a form of diabetes similar to Type 2 appearing predominantly in 3 to 5% of the pregnant women. This occurs when the cells of a pregnant woman become insulin-resistant failing as such to use insulin in an effective manner. But what are the causes that lead to gestational diabetes?

When carrying the baby inside your womb, you know that he receives his nutrients through your placenta. This one secretes also certain hormones such as cortisol, estrogen and lactogen that are the components that preserve the pregnancy.

This type of diabetes occurs when these hormones are affected by the secretion of insulin generated by pancreas absorbing it into the cells. This manifestation is known as ‘contra-insulin effect’ which appears between 20-24 weeks of pregnancy an ongoing until the baby is born. What is interesting to note is during this period insulin resistance shows tendency of increasing almost proportionally with pregnancy aging.

The symptoms revealing the disease are the same as with Type 2 diabetes: excessive hunger and thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, irritability as well as weight loss. There might appear as well symptoms to be associated with these ones, such as blurred vision and losing weight at abnormal rate.

Once these symptoms are noticed, you should immediately seek medical help and also try to control the disorder by implementing a Gestational Diabetes Diet known as Diabetes Diet Pregnancy. This is considered as a great way to keep the condition under control, not to mention that it is as well a safest way.

It is recommended to do some research for further information regarding this diet. Many pregnant women have done this research and have remarked that the specific diet has brought them the relief they needed for their condition.

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