Diabetic Diets and weight loss management

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It is common knowledge that diabetes often occurs as a result of obesity, although with many patients this condition manifests with abnormal weight loss too.

In this article I want to outline ways in which obese people suffering from diabetes can lose weight. Obesity can lead to other problems, not necessarily falling victim to diabetes, including heart problems, high blood pressure, and other complications.

If you count yourself amongst those who need to lose weight, you can find this task rather hard to achieve especially that many of these dietary plans seem so impossible to takeon. Here are some options that are designed to help you on your journey:

1. Diabetic food exchange – is a dietary plan that dieticians present to their patients with the first reading of their diabetes diagnosis. It can be rather hard to comprehend the details of this diet plan, but once you learn it you will realize that there come two positive results: it will assist you in losing weight and also maintain your blood sugar within normal limits.

Basically, the diabetic food exchange diet divides foods in groups with each group containing those ingredients that you are allowed to eat as well as the portion that needs to be consumed. Food amounts need to be measured especially for losing weight. Following the eating schedule is also important at this point.

The diabetic food pyramid – is a part of dietary plan that is much easier to understand than the one described above, with foods that are divided into groups starting with the most servings at the bottom while the rest go up on the pyramid to have on top the food group that is allowed. Weight loss occurs as long as you stay on low caloric foods.Still need asistance maybe more usefull to have ideas till you get a diet plan.

2. The Carbonhydrate Counting system: It is based on counting carbs. Mostly useful for type 1 diabetes but even type 2 diabetics can have benefit from it.

Basically you take 15 grams of carbs for each unit of insulin. Checking blood glucose levels a few times a day is important but this regime gives many people a relaxed life style and less stress.

3. Atkins diabetic dietary plan – can be found within the Atkins books on dieting. The one that is related is called “Atkins Diabetic Revolution” that displays meal plans for diabetics with 3 levels of carbs intake.

You are allowed to eat 20 grams of carbs on daily basis, for starters, after that you are allowed to go up to 40, for in the end up to 60 grams per day.

This might sound a little bit different from the customary, prescribed diets eliminating almost completely rice, breads and potatoes, but many diabetics say they managed to control their weight or blood glucose levels with this diet because of eating less much meat, protein and fat in their daily intake. Since diabetic people often have other problems such as cholesterol it might look like that just focusing on carbs may not be a good solution.

4. The Nutrisystem diabetic diet plan – this diet is ofen be perceived as the most “comfortable” option for weight loss when suffering from diabetes. The meals are created for the specifically for the Type 2 diabetes condition. These meals come as low calorie, pre-portioned and pre-packaged, without being refrigerated. In order to get a balanced diet, one should add vegetables, fresh fruits and milk. It is most of the times seen as the perfect diabetes dietary plan for those patients who are very often on the road.

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