4 things to know about your diabetes


4 things to know about your diabetes

When you find out your Diabetes you feel upset or overwhelmed.
You shouldn’t give up in the first minute.
If you search you can see hear or read about your problem.
You are not alone and you will not be the last person in the world who has diabetes.

It is time to look at you. Instead of giving up or deny start to take an action.
You might ask these questions million times like;
How can I survive?
What is the best for me?
Will I get all this side effects soon?
Am I too fat or thin?
How can I manage with all my problems? Etc.
You are more lucky then most of the other people in the world.
Fistful you know you have diabetes. Second you can get enough help.
Third you are strong enough to fight.

These are 4 important steps you should take:

1- Learn as much as possible about Diabetes.
2- Try to understand how to protect yourself from side effects.
3- Learn how to deal with your own problems related to Diabetes.
4- Change your life style and keep it simple.

These are 4 important things are about your Diabetes:


1- Everyone is unique so your treatment is just for you not to others.

Listen to your health professionals and follow their instructions for your own unique treatment.

2-Life style changing and better monitoring your health will give you a better life than others

3- Side effects are common but with a good monitoring your diabetes you might not have all side effects or you even don’t have any side effects at all.

4- There are new treatments all the time so don’t lose your hope for being well.


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